Book Corner – April 2023

Allies: Real Talk about Showing Up,
Screwing Up, and Trying Again

Edited by Shakirah Bourne and Dana Alison Levy
Grades 7-9, ages 12-17

What does it mean to be an ally? Seventeen YA authors share their thoughts and experiences in this encouraging and empowering book. Yes, mistakes will be made, but readers are encouraged to learn and try again. Each author has a different story to tell. Eric Smith writes about his life as a transracial adoptee, Kayla Whaley talks about her experiences growing up with muscular dystrophy, and Cam Montgomery writes about coming to terms with being Black and queer. Other writers talk about racism, transphobia, misogyny, and more. There’s lots of advice on how to be an ally throughout. Also included are lists of organizations, books, and digital media to check out. Highly recommended for teens - and adults, too! This book would be a great discussion-starter and teaching tool.

Book Recommendations for Families Created in Transracial Adoption

Our Transracial Journeys families regularly seek out books to share with their children and to read for themselves, as white parents of black children. We are fortunate to have a resource in the Transracial Journey's Board of Direcors Secretary, Avril McInally. With a Master of Library Science from Kent State University and over 35 years as a public librarian, Avril and her colleague, Vicki Richards, collaborate to curate phenomenal book recommendations for our children and parents.   The Book Corner is a regular feature in our Transracial Journeys monthly newsletters. If you would like to receive monthly book recommendations via email, please subscribe.