Financial support for Transracial Journeys Annual Family Camp and year-round post-adoptive services is needed now more than ever. Your gift funds programming that impacts the well being of transracially adopted children and their families in more than 12 mid-western and eastern states.

Your contribution provides post-adoption support for children and their families, which they cannot find anywhere else, in the following ways:

● Year-round support through monthly meet-ups, newsletters, and resources that families can use every day at home.
● Guest speakers and professional facilitators who present at Transracial Journeys Annual Family Camp.
● Transracially adopted young adult counselors who guide children in age-appropriate discussions about adoption, identity, and race at camp.
● Scholarship assistance to families who otherwise would not be able to attend camp.

In order to keep camp affordable, camp fees cover only part of the camp costs. Individual and corporate donations along with a few hard to come by grant awards make up the difference. We do a lot with very little, so every donation of any amount matters.

Top 10 Reasons To Contribute to Transracial Journeys:

  1. You share our vision of promoting racial justice and equity.
  2. You recognize that we (still) live in a race-conscious society and there is more collective work to do.
  3. You are committed to the physical, emotional, and psychological protection of children of color.
  4. You believe that transracially-adopted children are entitled to take pride in developing a healthy identity.
  5. You believe it is essential that every child is taught coping and problem-solving skills in the context of racial pride.
  6. You know that adoptive parents need help as they embrace and support connections to their child’s birth culture.
  7. You want to help families navigate the challenges and joys of transracial adoption.
  8. You understand the power and importance of building community.
  9. You appreciate how strengthening families contributes to a stronger, healthier world for all of us.
  10. You or someone you care about has been inspired by what they have experienced at Transracial Journeys Family Camp.

Make Your Donation:

There are three ways to make a donation to Transracial Journeys. However you choose to donate, we thank you!

Option 1: Transracial Journeys “Everyday Giving!” Campaign on Network for Good.

This is the quickest and most secure way to donate. Your gift is immediately acknowledged with a thank you letter and tax-receipt sent via email.

Network for Good charges a 3% processing fee. When you also contribute the processing fee, 100% of your donation reaches Transracial Journeys and is directed primarily to programming.

Option 2: A check, an envelope, a stamp, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Write a check payable to:
Transracial Journeys

Mail it to:
26843 Detroit Road Westlake, OH 44145

100% of your donation reaches Transracial Journeys is directed primarily to programming.

Option 3: Text "GIVE" to 866-578-0568.

To make a lasting commitment, simply text “PLEDGE” to 866-578-0568

Remember, commitment is about staying dedicated and focused on your goals. Whether it’s a personal promise or a professional commitment, taking that step can lead to meaningful achievements. So go ahead and send that text—it’s a small action with potentially big results!