Ohio University in Athens, OH

Family Camp 2023!

On behalf of Executive Director April Dinwoodie and the Board of Directors, Transracial Journeys is excited to announce the dates and location for TRJ Family Camp 2023!

Date: Thursday, August 3 – Sunday, August 6, 2023
Location: Ohio University in Athens, OH

Transracial Journeys

Transracial Journeys envisions greater understanding of and support for transracially adopted persons and their families in all stages of life and sectors of society.

With the best interests of transracially adopted persons at the center, Transracial Journeys provides practical tools and post adoption support for parents of a different race than the Black and Brown children entrusted to them and fosters supportive relationships for transracially adopted persons of all ages.

our GOALS:

  • Prioritizing representation for transracially adopted persons
  • Sharpening parental skills addressing the core issues of adoption and racism
  • Developing healthy racial identities for all members of the family
  • Encouraging greater cultural competence for parents
  • Promoting social justice and racial equity
  • Building a loving community

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Have you had strangers ask inappropriate questions of you and your family? “Is she/he/them yours?” – “Where are they from?” – “Your child is SO lucky”. These invasive questions are part of being a family that does not match and where differences of race are obvious to the world around you. It is important to be prepared for these intrusions. March Pro-Tip to Foster Conversations About Transracial Adoptions At Transracial Journeys we send our families conversation cues each month, from read more

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