Transracial Journeys Calendar and Cards Gift Set

Our Executive Director, April Dinwoodie, has created a calendar and a deck of conversation cards to help families make space for ongoing conversations about adoption and differences of race and culture. The Transracial Journeys card deck contains 3 cards for each month.  Parents are encouraged to use these cards for quiet reflection as the children start conversations with their parents by asking the questions. Some families leave the deck somewhere visible and pick a card at random and some families follow the monthly prompts.

No matter how you use your cards, you’ll find a pathway to a more active and authentic holding of the complexities of transracial adoption so you and your family can live with authenticity, purpose, and joy. On this page is an example of the questions for January.

As April Dinwoodie writes in her January 2024 post, Reflections: Entry Point for Living Fully with Authenticity and Purpose as an Adoptive Family, :

Start by encouraging an environment where questions and discussions about adoption and race are welcomed and encouraged. It’s important for children to feel safe in expressing their feelings and curiosities. This always starts with you.  So often, I hear parents say – “my child never asks me questions” or “they never really want to talk about adoption or our differences”.  Almost always the questions are there but the space to explore them is not.

Getting more into the flow of ongoing conversation requires commitment from parents and caregivers as well as resources to support the effort.   Use books, movies, and cultural events as tools to celebrate your child’s heritage and your family’s multiculturalism. This not only helps them connect with their roots but also aids the whole family in understanding and appreciating culture, ethnicity and heritage more holistically.  Check out our book corner and conversation cards as you continually add to your tool kit.

More Information About Calendar and Cards

If you’d like a calendar and set of conversation cards please email for more information. 

Remember, these conversations are not a one-time event but an ongoing dialogue that evolves as your child grows. It’s about building a foundation of trust, understanding, and respect for your child’s unique identity and your families unique reality.